A downloadable application

Install both Max2D and CyanogenMax2D first before downloading

Apps for CyanogenMax2D that can be installed. 


Spirit Meter 342 kB
Spirit Meter XL.zip 340 kB

Install instructions

Installation via Max2D:

  1. Download the official source code. 
  2. Extract files to /your/path/here/Android/data/com.mikeytronix.mobilegameengine/files/mobilegameengine/projects/CyanogenMax2D. 
  3. Then compile it via Codemagic.io or Apktool. 
  4. Install the mod apk. 
  5. Done! 

Installation via Apk Editor

  1. Open Apk Editor, then select Select APK from App
  2. Then select CyanogenMax2D or CyanogenMax2D XL. 
  3. Select Full Resource Rebuild.
  4. Select Decompile all files. 
  5. Extract files.zip from /assets/flutter_assets. 
  6. Extract the zip file to a folder via Zarchiver, RAR or your built-in file manager. 
  7. Extract the application zip file to that folder. 
  8. Compress the folder as files.zip.
  9. Repreat steps 1-4.
  10. Replace files.zip from /assets/flutter_assets. 
  11. Build the mod app afterwards. 
  12. Install it. 
  13. Done! 

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